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Dental Implants

Dental implants are the ideal method of replacing single or multiple missing teeth as they are the closest treatment option to natural teeth.

During your initial consultation, an intra-oral examination and a Dental CT scan (also known cone beam volumetric tomography) will be taken to properly and thoroughly assess for suitability and to plan for the best treatment outcome. After this, there will be a minor surgical treatment under local anaesthetics to place one or more titanium implants into the jawbone. The surgery itself will be painless and always involves LESS discomfort than having a tooth or teeth tooth taken out because while a tooth has lots of sensory “pain” nerves associated with it, there are no sensory nerves associated with a dental implant.

After the surgery, we then wait for the bone to heal and grow and latch onto the surface of the titanium implant which approximately takes three months. This process is called “osteointegration”, where the human body accepts the titanium as its own self. Once the critical three months period is over, the implant or several implants then can be used to support a new set of teeth made of custom made zirconia teeth (almost unbreakable ceramic biomaterial). Depending on the circumstances, we can even place just two to four dental implants to anchor the entire full denture/plate to provide excellent stability.

If you would like more information on dental implants, please call us on 03 8657 4999 to book an appointment or to discuss any of your concerns.