Woodlea Dental

Preventive Dentistry

Prevention is the best treatment

Detecting any signs of early decay and curing it straight away increases the tooth longevity and helps you avoid having to undergo more extensive and expensive treatment.

During the appointment, we will not only be providing you a thorough and painless professional clean with our revolutionary AIRFLOW ® Prophylaxis Master to keep your gums healthy, but we will also be examining all of your teeth to help you retain your healthy smile.

At Woodlea Dental, we understand the importance of healthy mouth and beautiful smile and our team is continuously working to improve our services for your benefit.

Woodlea Dental offers the discounted pack for your check up and clean ($249) which includes:

  • General examination (stand-alone cost of $95)
  • Professional scaling and cleaning using AIRFLOW ® Prophylaxis Master (stand-alone cost of $170)
  • Intra oral X-rays for detecting any underlying tooth decay (stand-alone cost of $40 dollars each)
  • Dental CT to assess the jawbone structure, including but not limited to undiagnosed infection, future dental implant suitability (stand-alone cost of $250)
  • Preventative fluoride treatment (stand-alone cost of $45)
  • Consultation in which you can discuss about any dental treatment (stand-alone cost of $95)

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Tooth-coloured dental filling

At Woodlea Dental, we only use tooth-coloured composite resin fillings, as opposed to amalgam (mercury), which are used to treat decayed or damaged teeth, and thus maintaining proper function and integrity.

Sometimes, even with regular brushing and flossing, dental cavities can’t be avoided due to multiple factors such as genetics as well as lifestyle and therefore visiting the dentist check-up and clean will help in detecting them at an early stage, which may only require a small filling, or even better, be treated with only preventative such as high dose fluoride spot treatments or fissure-seals.

Our dentists at Woodlea dental will be able to diagnose any decay and restore your teeth with a composite filling which can restore your teeth very efficiently and due to its white colour, it can also maintain the cosmetic appearance of your teeth.

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Invisalign is the recent development in orthodontics and is the treatment of choice when it comes to straightening your teeth and creating a beautiful smile.

Why has Invisalign become the treatment of choice recently?

  • Due to its near invisibility, you can wear it anytime anywhere without people even noticing it. There is no feeling of self-consciousness during the treatment as it is nearly invisible.
  • Flexibility of material- At Woodlea Dental, our Invisalign aligner material is very flexible so you can easily take it out when you want to eat, brush or floss.
  • Safe to wear- Invisalign trays are completely safe to wear even for pregnant ladies.

How does Invisalign works?

  • Step 1- Book your appointment and meet one of our dentists at Woodlea Dental who will take photographs and 3D scan of your teeth.
  • Step 2 – After six weeks, your Invisalign treatment kit containing 20-30 custom-made trays to only fit your teeth will be ready to be issued. During this appointment, your dentist placed any required white temporary attachments, proceed with any required polishing in between teeth (also known as interproximal reduction) and fit the trays in your mouth with specific instructions which you need to follow during the treatment period.
  • Step 3- We will be seeing you every 6-10 weeks for ongoing assessment and to issues more sets of aligners to wear.
  • Step 4 – once the treatment is finished and we have achieved your beautiful smile, we will make a set of clear retainers for you to strictly wear every night, to “retain” the changes achieved.

How long does it take?

  • It usually depends on complexity of individual’s case. While it generally takes 12 months, the treatment duration can vary from 6 to 24 months
  • You are just one call away from your beautiful smile. Call us today on 03 8657 4999 to book an appointment or to discuss any of your concerns.